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Creating Extraordinary Culture. Developing Dynamic Leaders.

How do you build a solid foundation for sustainable growth?

Michelle Howison has the answer. She works with organizations to transform their cultures through clarifying direction, valuing people, and aligning processes.

Michelle will help safeguard your organization by giving your team the right tools, preparing them for when major changes, like an acquisition or merger, hit your company. Her focus supports shifting the mindset of your teams from competitors to collaborators.

Michelle develops and delivers a customized presentation to motivate your team in achieving company goals.

Michelle is Available for Keynotes & Presentations on the Following Topics:

extraordinary culture

Creating Extraordinary Culture

Extraordinary Dynamics

A dynamic culture is the key to developing the best in your organization. In this presentation, Michelle reveals strategies for teams and leaders to create extraordinary results through their work, behaviors, and results.

hr development

Leadership Development

Building a Solid Foundation for Sustainable Growth

You need to have effective leaders to recruit and retain quality people, ensure accountability, and minimize risk. Michelle’s expertise will help your organization develop processes for your leadership team that fit your business, helping save you both time and money.

culture integration

Merger & Acquisition Integration

Assimilation Doesn’t Have to Be Annihilation

Often, in acquisitions people who used to be competitors are asked to work together, needing to merge different processes and cultures. Michelle shares strategies so that teams and leaders make sure the new culture includes people and processes from both organizations.

Michelle helps improve your organization by focusing on:



Understand where you want to take your company and culture



Give leaders and employees the tools to make the right decisions



Building the culture that fits your company



Increase productivity by aligning them properly

“Many companies focus on missions and strategies, but forget the importance of creating a culture that will allow their desires to become realities. If you want to mobilize your employees, add meaning to their work, and build a sustainable, winning team, Michelle is your conduit to success.”

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Bob March

Bob March, President


“Through creativity, she is able to approach big ideas from fresh perspectives. She is adept at working with large groups, and creating meaning based on group interactions.”

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Travis Lane

Travis Lane, President

Change Dynamics, Inc.

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