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While there are so many variables that impact workplace cultures, the number one thing that has the most significant impact might surprise you: communication.

The first place a culture will start breaking down is in communication, but conversely, it also can have the most significant positive impact on a company’s culture.

Communication is the first place for cultures starting to breakdown and is also the first place where one can have a significant positive impact on the company culture. Just like in any relationship, when employees, the leadership, and the owners have open, clear communication, everyone works better together. Trust gets built up; the mission and values of the business are clearly understood; and targets are clear, and thus easier to hit.

What are some things you can do to improve communication?

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So an announcement is made OR a rumor is floating around: the company is going to be sold or bought.

One thing that’s important to remember with a merger or acquisition is that there will be a wide range of emotions amongst employees and leaders alike. What kinds of feelings do you think are happening with the employees? Managers? Leaders? Everyone will react differently, but how they react can have a major effect on workplace culture and productivity as a whole. It is especially critical how the leadership feels during a merger or acquisition, as their reaction can trickle down and affect the employees at large, possibly creating a resistance to change and a downturn in morale.
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