About Michelle Howison

Michelle Can Help Your Company Build a Solid Foundation for Sustainable Growth

She focuses on the big picture:

  • What’s best for your business in the long run?
  • What steps can be taken to make things better now?
  • Are staff challenges due to skill or will issues?

This entrepreneurial approach has prepared Michelle to build a foundation that enables companies to grow dramatically. She’s also developed an acquisition process that focuses on people, culture and systems to enable successful assimilation.


Michelle holds Master’s degrees in Behavioral Sciences and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. It was this training that sparked her interest in the psychology of company culture: What happens in organizations that makes people stay or go.


Michelle started her career in organizational development and human resources in the mid-90s, and has been a top-level human resources executive for over 10 years. She’s built and expanded human capital systems in several companies. In addition, Michelle has developed an acquisition process that focuses on people, culture, and systems.

Professional Organizations

  • National Speakers Association
  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • HR Houston

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  • Senior Professional Human Resources
  • Birkman Method (Advanced Certification)
  • Instructional System Design (ISD)
  • DeBono Six Thinking Hats
  • DeBono Lateral Thinking
  • Whole-Systems Strategic Planning Process
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Right Management 360
Transform your organization. Contact Michelle Howison at (713) 818-2653.